#PhotoshootFresh: #AnyGymIsHome – “S/S ’18 x Brandon Clay” Collection Preview – April 3, 2018

Each year, my goal is to incorporate the changes in the world of fashion into the upcoming season’s release of the #AnyGymIsHome apparel line. Some seasons, it’s a focused redesign on the logo while for others, my attention is focused more on providing innovative colors for the consumer. This season, it’s both. With the fashion world and the sports world continuing to blur the lines where one ends and the other begins on a daily basis, the timing is perfect for us to launch our Spring – Summer 2018 Collection. Special thanks is in order to both Geoff Lampe and Jay Kohr for their help on the design and production end of the line.

By: Brandon Clay @PSBPopCultureBC


This season will feature our signature t-shirt and hoodie selection in four color ways. Two of the color ways are inspired by Pharrell Williams latest NMD release while the other two are influenced by Nike’s Air Vapormax release at the tail end of 2017.

The full “S/S ’18 X Brandon Clay” launch will be available at PeachStateBasketball.com events nationwide starting April 20th weekend.

We’ll add at least three if not four additional color ways for the summer season that will be available for purchase in early June.

Brandon Clay serves as the publisher of PSBPopCulture.com. A self-professed entertainment, music and sports junkie, Clay has been on his game since picking up his first Nintendo and Sony Walkman in the early 90’s. Adding in a SLAM (Basketball) Magazine subscription in the late-90’s had him setup up for lifelong success. Clay is also a founding member of the “Luxury Boys Club” designed to stay on top of whatever is next in the world of PopCulture. You can follow him on Twitter @psbpopculture.

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