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From the crew comes a site dedicated to covering all things entertainment. Whether it’s Jordan Davis‘ sounds from the Jeep, Jonathan Hemingway‘s love of the Chicago Cubs to Brandon Clay‘s diverse range of music listening interests, we’ll touch all bases here. Stella Alverson brings us a teen’s perspective on life while Keil Moore is known to follow the NBA as closely as anyone on staff. Donte’ Grant is a 10-year music influencer and a U.S. Military veteran. Taylor Johnson always has a fresh take on the latest in fashion. Kris Watkins brings us a diverse look at life from the lake front to the most ergonomically pleasing sneakers. Keep an eye on the site as it will evolve from day to day as we all do as people. Enjoy the world outside of grassroots basketball (middle / high school and college) through our eyes.

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PSBPCBC100Brandon Clay is a contributor to through his various genre reviews. A self-professed entertainment & music junkie, Clay has been on his game since picking up his first Nintendo and Sony Walkman in the early 90’s. With a degree from Georgia Southern that focused on Business & Sports Management, he keeps an eye on marketing trends in the entertainment field. Clay’s full-time position is serving as the Owner of

You can follow him on Twitter @PSBPopCulture.

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 12.29.24 PMDonte’ Grant is a contributor to He is a 10-year music industry veteran. Grant is a former A&R at Atlantic Records, Jeezy’s CTE label, and founder of A former hooper at Augusta State, he is a diehard LA Lakers fan. Grant is also a founding member of the “Luxury Boys” group designed to stay on top of whatever is next in the world of PopCulture. He has been around the Team since it’s inception.

You can follow him on Twitter @dinerojones.

HEMI-HEAD-SHOTJonathan Hemingway is a Chicago sports fan who reps the Bears, Bulls and Cubs. He’s also a diehard NFL Sunday Ticket subscriber. Like Clay, Hemingway’s music taste are wide-ranged and depend on the day. He is also a major part of wearing multiple hats with the title of Director of Domestic Scouting and owning

You can follow him on Twitter @JLHemingwayPSB

Taylor-Staff-PicTaylor Johnson serves as Brandon Clay’s personal stylist and is one of the most fashionable people in Atlanta. While attending graduate school at Georgia State, she’ll contribute to various categories throughout the site.

You can follow her on Twitter @KTaylorPSB

Alli Lhamon represents the next wave of A fashion and music junkie, Lhamon has been on her game since Day One in 2000. She’s a genius in the classroom and might finish with more degrees than the rest of the team combined.

You can follow her on Twitter @allilhamonn

Kris WatkinsKris Watkins is a contributor to He’s well-versed in multiple walks of life from the latest Brooks sneakers to gluten free beverages. In his spare time, Watkins is considered a go-to in the world video editing and junior college basketball recruiting.

You can follow him on Twitter @KrisWatkinsPSB