#iTunesSounds: Frank Ocean – “Blonde” – Sept. 7, 2016

Frank Ocean primed us for his latest release “Blonde” with a mixtape of sorts “Endless”. Both were Apple Music exclusive releases. Rather than break down Ocean’s whole catalog from the two, here’s my take on my favorite tracks from Blonde:

By: Brandon Clay @PSBPopCulture

“Pink + White”: This is my favorite song from start to finish of either release. It has a very “Sweet Life” feel from Ocean’s debut album, “Channel Orange.” I immediately messaged the biggest Ocean fan I know, Griffin Dempsey, with my excitement about this one.

“Solo”: Ocean’s voice carries this one with a simple yet catchy melody backing him up.

“Solo” (Reprise) feat. Andre 3000: Wow. 3 Stacks took 60 seconds and turned it into arguably the verse of the year so far complete with a quick dig at Drake. Not much to say outside of that.

“Futura Free”: The last track of the album is a little scattered but the jewels for me come between :30 to 1:45 and again between 2:55 to 4:25. The lines about Frank paying his fans in the first set and Jay-Z emailing Frank about acting his net worth in the second set are golden.

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