#EntertainmentPSB: “The Bachelor” – No. 17 to No. 24 – January 5, 2016

Taylor Johnson will bring us weekly updates from the hit TV series “The Bachelor.” She’ll breakdown fashion from the show and rank the remaining contestants on a weekly.

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Ben Higgins, the 26-year-old star of the season, was quite the gentleman Monday night for his premier as the new bachelor for ABC. He greeted 28 women to the bachelor mansion, but I think there were a few women he wished he denied at the front door. This season is not short of any of the usual crazy personalities that “The Bachelor” producers never fail to entertain us with.

Here is a ranking of No. 17 to No. 24 remaining ladies from my favorite to least favorite:

17) Rachel, 23: Shout out to Rachel for being unemployed but still riding up on a hover board for her introduction. Unfortunately for Rachel, she didn’t receive much TV time so all we know about her is that she is unemployed.

18) Maegan, 30: Maegan was so proud of herself for upstaging the twins by bringing a pony to the mansion. That said, her dress choice did not upstage anyone.

19) Izzy, 24: Izzy thought it was a great idea to wear a onesie for her first impression with Ben. Nothing says you are taking this seriously like an adult onesie.

20) Jackie, 23: Jackie introduced herself to Ben with a save the date for her and Ben’s wedding, wedding hashtag and all. Fortunately for her Lauren R. upped the crazy by admitting she stalked Ben on social media for months, saving Jackie from elimination for one week.

21) Shushanna, 27: I don’t have much to say about Shushanna because unfortunately I do not speak Russian.

22) Leah, 25: If my mom watched me make an entrance to the show like Leah did, I think she would disown me. Bending over to snap a football in an evening dress is never a good look.

23) Mandi, 28: Another Bachelor type cast, Mandi is without a doubt the crazy chick of the season. She is apparently a dentist, but I am just curious of the number of people that actually let her touch their mouths with sharp tools.

24) Lace, 25: Lace had one too many glasses of wine, but it made for great TV. I kind of liked her at the beginning with her gorgeous dress, sarcastic comments, and facial expressions. However, by the end of the night she was full blown even confronting Ben about not giving her eye contact during the rose ceremony… after she already received a rose. I’m thinking Ben regret that decision, but thanks for another week of Lace sarcastic comments, Ben!

Unfortunately, Lauren R., the self-proclaimed stalker was eliminated on the first night. Maybe revealing that you stalk someone’s social media is more second date material. Laura, aka “red velvet” joined her on their limo ride to the airport. Laura’s excuse, “he’s just not into gingers,” or maybe he’s just not into women who refer to themselves as “red velvet.” Breanne cried her way out of the mansion after the rose ceremony, mainly because I think there was too much gluten in the house for her to handle. Lastly, Jessica also exited the mansion. She seemed sweet and genuine, which probably means she just wasn’t wild enough to keep the show entertaining.

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