#FreshStyleFits: Fall ’16 Style Guide – Boots and Flannels – Oct. 4, 2016

Boots and Flannels season is upon us. I have to agree with my man Logan Pitts (@Logan_Pittsss23) when he says, “it’s what we’ve been waiting for.” The best part about the flannel with boots look is that there are so many variations of this simple and classic style.

By: Jordan Davis @JDavisPSB

When it comes to choosing the right flannel, you’ll definitely want something saucy. That said, watch for material because a thick cut can limit your styling options. Urban Outfitters is my favorite, ranging from $45 to $120 per shirt. That might sound a bit pricey but trust me that’ll be EXACTLY the material I’m describing. Their brand is made to be worn in multiple ways with just the right fabric and length off the rack. Now how you rock it is entirely in your hands. Sometimes I go classic and just leave it unbuttoned with a white tee shirt or vintage tee underneath, or even over a thin hoodie on the days where it’s freezing out. I’ll even tie it around my waist underneath a tee shirt like the picture above.

As for the boots, many people have many different styles and that’s okay. Each style of boot (aside from your country concert boots) goes great with this look. As for me, I love Kenneth Cole mid cut gentlemen boots or Clarks boots for men. Both give me the slim look, matching the theme for the attire, while also giving me an extra inch or two so my girlfriend has someone to look up to when we step out for dinner.

Brandon Clay’s Take:

I see what my man JD is doing with his fashion game this fall / winter. The flannels and boot combo isn’t in my style wheelhouse but he executes the look with the crispness of a boss. I did a little research and the combo gives me a real Nick Young / Jordan Clarkson feel out in Los Angeles. You can’t mention those two without name dropping D’Angelo Russell as well. Any of those guys all pulled the flannel look off at different points over the past year.

Jordan Davis is a contributor to PSBPopCulture.com with a unique blend of #PSBPopCulture reviews. Davis has been rocking the latest trends since arriving here in 1995. He is currently a student at Kennesaw State, a Social Media Intern with PeachStateBasketball.com and is well on his way to being the youngest in charge sooner than later.

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