#iTunesSounds: Drake – “Views” – RnB Playlist – May 14, 2016

DISCLAIMER: I shared with PSBPopCulture.com Team Member, Jordan “JD” Davis, that I had to split the Drake “VIEWS” album into two separate playlists. I like his RnB songs but “Feel No Ways” in between “U With Me” and “Weston Road Flows” is a little much for me to handle.

By: Brandon Clay @PSBPopCulture

That said, the RnB list has 11 songs on it. While we didn’t get a line as transparent as “The one that I needed was Courtney from Hooters on Peachtree I feel like she was always the piece to complete me,” Drake and 40 always team up to make noteworthy songs. Here are my go-to tracks with a favorite lyric from each as well:

4) “Feel No Ways”

For the record, this is my favorite RnB song on the playlist…

“Who is it that’s got you all gassed up? Changing your opinion on me. I was only gone for the last few months but you don’t have the time to wait on me.”

7) “Redemption”

“I’m not unrealistic with none of my women. I tell em if they ain’t with it, then let’s just forget it. Relationships slowing me down, they slow down the vision. Guess I’m not in a position to handle commitment.”

9) “Faithful”

“I know you been workin, workin, workin, workin ain’t ya? You don’t have no time to layup. You just trying to be somebody before you say you need somebody.”

11) “Controlla”

“I think I’d lie for you. I think I’d die for you, Jodeci cry for you.” — a direct play on the old Jodeci song, “Cry For You.”

12) “One Dance”

“I had to bust up the silence. You know you gotta stick by me. Soon as you see the text, reply me. I don’t wanna spend time fighting.”

16) “Too Good”

“Last night I came to a realization and I hope you can take it. I’m too good to you, way to good to you.

18) “Fire & Desire”

“You’re just like my sidekick. I just wanna wife ya, fill all your desires.”

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