#EntertainmentPSB: “The Bachelorlette” – Candidate Announcement – May 17, 2016

It’s that time of year again: Bachelorette season! May 23rd is right around the corner so obviously I have been researching all of the men in line for JoJo’s heart, or their TV fame debut, but whatever. As always there are some interesting men with even weirder occupations: a hipster (that’s a worse job than “twin”), an erectile dysfunction specialist (even worse job than hipster), and a self proclaimed Bachelor super fan. Here are my top five standouts based solely off of their bios, oh and looks, on ABC.

By: @KTaylorPSB

Chase, 27: The medical sales rep is one of the few guys on this list that is attractive and actually has a real occupation. He seems like a genuine, laid back guy that someone could actually date outside of this show.

Jordan, 27: Jordan is very Josh Murray déjà vu. He is the younger, less successful, brother of Aaron Rodgers who apparently also tried to play Pro Football but his current occupation is “Former Pro Quarterback.” Like Josh, Jordan is at least the good looking brother so I think JoJo will keep him around for a while.

Jonathan, 29: Jonathan also has a real job like Chase so that automatically put him towards the top in my book. He is a technical sales rep and also might be the first Asian guy on the Bachelorette, at least that I know of. He seems to have a good sense of humor with great taste in movies: Forrest Gump, Toy Story, and The 40 Year Old Virgin. However, he apparently makes an entrance in a kilt so I am hoping that is just his attempt at being funny and that he tones down the weird later on.

Grant, 27: Grant made the top five for really one reason, he is an extremely good looking firefighter. However, I am not sure he is exactly boyfriend material because in his bio he mentions being slapped by his ex and things he does when hooking up with other girls. For now I am willing to pretend I didn’t read that and just think of him as the tall, dark, and handsome firefighter.

James Taylor, 29: I immediately looked up this guy’s bio because he was the only guy with two first names, Ricky Bobby style. He is a singer/songwriter that could possibly be on the show just to get his name out there, but I don’t think anyone has started a music career from the Bachelor in 20 seasons so lets hope that isn’t true. Overall he seems like a fun guy!

Read the about the rest of the guys here: http://abc.go.com/shows/the-bachelorette/news/updates/the-bachelorette-2016-season-12-contestants-revealed

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