#EntertainmentPSB: “The Bachelor” Episode Seven – February 18, 2016

By: Taylor Johnson @KTaylorPSB with commentary from Brandon Clay @psbpopculture

TAYLOR: Ben takes the girls back to his hometown in Warsaw, Ind. There is definitely a small town feel to the episode. As an aside, I don’t think Jubilee would have blended in well here at all. Ben is eager to tell his parents all about his six girlfriends, which isn’t weird at all (tongue firmly in cheek). Ben takes the girls by pontoon boat (lame) to the house that they are going to stay in while they are in Indiana. The boat ride made for some interesting hair and left JoJo’s extensions in plain site. Finally, she has a flaw: poor placement of extensions.

CLAY: Jubilee would not have made it 24 hours in Warsaw. She should be glad she’s back home enjoying life as a war veteran.

TAYLOR: Lauren B. gets the first date and immediately the girls express all of their jealousy similar to Olivia’s time as Ben’s go-to girl. Ben takes Lauren B. on a tour of Warsaw in a cheesy red pick up truck. Talk about the most boring date ever. Their last stop was at the community youth club, so the date only gets more horrible for Lauren. I love kids, but babysitting isn’t a date I dream about. Even Ben knows this date is boring so he brings out reinforcements including NBA All-Star Paul George of the Indiana Pacers. Ben brings up again the fact that the girls said Lauren B. is different around Ben than in the house. Well I certainly hope she isn’t trying to date any of the girls in the house, so maybe that is why she is acting differently.

CLAY: I’m a HUGE basketball fan and actually appreciated that Lauren made a couple of shots. I do think Ben and the producers are painting the picture of her as a potential mom in addition to wife.

Paul George

TAYLOR: JoJo gets the second one-on-one date to Wrigley Field. It’s where the Chicago Cubs play baseball games. I say this because if someone say Wrigley Field to me, I’d have no idea what they were talking about. JoJo and Ben have the entire field to themselves to play baseball together. Their chemistry is undeniable and I have no doubts in my prediction of her being in the top two but Ben is nervous that JoJo is closed off. I mean you do have five other girlfriends Ben.

CLAY: Jojo won real points with me this week. She’s confident without being arrogant, pretty without coming across as conceited. The “Mrs. Higgins” uniform they made her wear got her to open up on camera about her feelings more so than previous episodes.


TAYLOR: The group date this week was with Becca, Caila and Amanda. All of these girls are gorgeous, but Amanda’s outfit is something that I need in my closet like tomorrow. Becca spent most of her date complaining about how Ben hasn’t reciprocated any feelings like he has for other girls. Not the best move Becca. Amanda gets the group date rose so her and Ben ditch the other two girls to sit there and wallow in self pity. Becca can’t stop crying all the way home, so basically she knows she is going home.

CLAY: For as far as she advanced, I never saw a real chemistry develop between Ben and Becca. She was very guarded (and who can blame her).

TAYLOR: Ben continues his date with Amanda by WORKING THE MCDONALD’S DRIVE-THRU WITH AMANDA. I take back my comments about Lauren’s horrible date. If a man EVER took me to McDonald’s, they would regret it. I mean he recovers by taking her on an adorable Warsaw Fair date but I’d be still be mad about McDonald’s. I guess I’m just a diva.

CLAY: All caps Taylor, really? Haha. Let’s keep it all the way honest here. The McDonald’s placement was great to continue their season-long promotion of breakfast being served all day through “The Bachelor” partnership. This might not be the last we see of the Golden Arches this season.

Drive Thru

TAYLOR: Emily went on the last one-on-one date and he took her to meet his parents, which was very surprising. She was asking questions about ducks so it made for an awkward conversation, and even more awkward was when she wouldn’t stop talking. Ben’s mom was not a fan of Emily and without saying it, she said Emily was immature. Ben immediately speeds home in the pontoon after that comment from his mom so he could break up with her. He then proceeds to break up with her while all of the other girls watch from the window. As much as Emily is a bimbo, she took the breakup in the classiest way possible.

CLAY: Emily still has a long way to grow in maturing. Spending time away from her sister and finding a potential career path would help. The time on the show helped I’m sure.

TAYLOR: Ben sent Becca home during the rose ceremony, and she was not happy. I can’t blame her because she has now been rejected on the Bachelor twice. Caila, Amanda, Lauren, and JoJo are all taking Ben home to meet their families which is always a great episode because everyone always has at least one embarrassing family member.

CLAY: She saw it coming though. All the tears, the “please don’t hurt her.” As a guy, that’s not what we want to hear with one girl we are dating let alone six. Hometown dates next week should be really interesting.

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