#EntertainmentPSB: EROVER Hoverboard – October 24, 2015

The Hoverboard craze has swept the country with entertainment artists like Wiz Khalifa riding them through LAX Airport while college students nationwide are riding them on campus. I received a cool SnapChat from a college assistant this week with their players riding through the offices.

By: Brandon Clay @BBallPlusMusic

To date, there are limited supplies on store shelves so the first question becomes where do you get one? I went through Amazon.com struggling with one company while finding success with another. Sanatop was the second company I used. They delivered on time and with no damage to the product. I’ve had mine about a month and love spending time on the board.

Secondly, the boards are running between $269 and $450 depending on the retailer. I would be diligent in reading reviews like this before buying one. That said, WalMart is supposed to be stocking them soon on their online site in time for the holidays. That would be an ideal route to go for both guaranteed assistance and quality delivery times.

I rode mine into #EBATop40 Workout as we closed out the event series for the 2015 calendar year:

Brandon-Clay-Bio-2 Brandon Clay is a contributor to PSBPopCulture.com through his various genre reviews. A self-professed entertainment & music junkie, Clay has been on his game since picking up his first Nintendo and Sony Walkman in the early 90’s. You can follow him on Twitter @bballplusmusic.

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  1. By Chris on

    Watched a player teach one of my camp coaches how to ride one at the hotel this weekend in Minneapolis. Apparently you can jail break some of these for speed. Sounds dangerous to someone like me with limited balance. Keep mine on super slow.


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