#PSBPopCulture: “Views From The Lab” – Oct. 2, 2017

“Views From The Lab” is a quick, daily snapshot into my views gathered from countless hours entering information into the BrandonClayScouting.com & PeachStateBasketball.com databases.

By: Brandon Clay @PSBPopCulture

iTunes Track of the Day: “Run It Up” – DAME D.O.L.L.A.

NBA All-Star Damian Lillard has become one of the premier young guards in the league. The Weber State product is the face of the Portland Trail Blazers franchise. 2017 marks the second straight summer that he’s released an album at the start of the NBA campaign. This time around, Lillard has chosen the title “CONFIRMED” and released his first single with Lil’ Wayne two Fridays ago.

My new album CONFIRMED drops this Friday on all major digital music platforms, including @spotify. It features @liltunechi, @hairweavekiller, @nickgrantmusic, @allstarbozzle, @bjthechicagokid, @versesimmonds, @em_i_see, @brookfieldduece and @dannyfromsobrante. — Why did I name the album CONFIRMED? One of the definitions of confirmed is "fixed in habit and unlikely to change." I named the album that because there's always been something said about me spending time in the studio, even though I've always shown up and produced for my team every night. I've never had issues with stardom. I'm also not new to music. I've always created music while playing at every level of basketball. But now this is no longer an experiment. This is my second album. I'm putting out respectable music yearly. I've invested in that. I'm settled in. I don't feel the need to answer questions or address concerns. This is who I am and what I do. #CONFIRMED — Inspiration behind the album cover? I wanted the cover to pay homage to some of my favorite artists. Crown: Biggie Prayer hands: PAC Gold rope and Rolex: @nas Highlighting my chest tattoo: for the art culture and community in Oakland. Shoutout to Olugbenro Ogunsemore (@olugbenro) for the 📸 work and @kampashai for the design work and 📸edit. #DameDOLLA #FrontPageMusic @frontpagehits Distribution partner: @human.re.sources

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iPhone Group Message Topic of the Day: Damian Lillard’s Sphere of Influence

With a major push from Oregon-based adidas and his ability to connect with the core NBA fans who also like music, Lillard has risen to the top of the game in a hurry. Despite his lack of postseason national exposure, he has the No. 14 most popular jersey in the league. He also has a song on the new NBA2K18 soundtrack, “Wasatch Front,” that was featured on his first album “The Letter O.”

Lifestyle Assist:

Sticking to the theme of Lillard as a star trending upwards, check his latest signature release from adidas.

Today’s Takeaway:

The shootings in Vegas reinforce how important it is to tell the people you love and care about how you feel on a daily basis. No person knows the day they’ll be taken from this earth. I love you all for the motivation and support of the vision. Let’s keep this thing headed in the right direction.

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