#PSBPopCulture: #AnyGymIsHome Collection – June 23, 2017

“If somebody would have told em that HOV would sell clothing, not in this lifetime, wasn’t in my right mind.” Jay-Z, “You Don’t Know” (2001)

This lyric has influenced me for the past 16 years, 15 of which I’ve spent building brands that push the envelope of traditional thought.

By: Brandon Clay @PSBPopCulture

The Breakdown:

My mom, Willie Ann Clay, and I came up with the slogan in 2004. Since then, we’ve manufactured and produced tens of thousands of shirts in various color ways and designs. It still never gets old to see someone proudly rocking their shirt whether it’s a newer design or a vintage look.

Social Media Buzz:

Just me and my Warriors, all my Day One's are #AnyGymIsHome suited up. [📷: @typhotog] 👟: #Jordan #Retro11

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Brandon Clay serves as the publisher of PSBPopCulture.com. A self-professed entertainment, music and sports junkie, Clay has been on his game since picking up his first Nintendo and Sony Walkman in the early 90’s. Adding in a SLAM (Basketball) Magazine subscription in the late-90’s had him setup up for lifelong success. Clay is also a founding member of the “Luxury Boys Club” designed to stay on top of whatever is next in the world of PopCulture. You can follow him on Twitter @psbpopculture.

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