#PSBAllAccess: The Work Don’t Lie – Apr. 12, 2017

I told my story of the road back to consistent personal fitness on the site in October of 2016. It’s been seven months since then and I’m feeling even better than I did at that point. One of my PSB teammates, Christian Simmons, has a quote “The Work Don’t Lie.” Truthfully, I feel that now more than ever.

By: Brandon Clay @PSBPopCulture

The Breakdown:

The biggest adjustment for me since the last time I checked in was adding a consistent 800 calories a day burned strictly by cardio. I measure the work with my Apple Watch and take it off at all times a day unless I’m working out. The focus has been on short sprints between 10 to 50 yards both moving forward and backpedaling. I like to get two separate workouts in a day – one mid afternoon and one at night before I start to wind down.

I’ve also added to my protein, fresh fruit and water intake with two meals a day of either lean chicken or fish with white rice. Special thanks to Flex Fuel Prep for that.

Accountability has long kept me on a path that I felt like veering off of so I gotta thank the following: Dain Pool, Keil Moore, Chris Hansen, JD Davis, Branden Mayweather, Donte Grant, Jermale Wilkerson, Taylor Johnson, Vince Smith and Carl Reed. They’ve kept me on course even when they didn’t know I was thinking about the goals I’ve shared with them.

I’m down from 210 or so at the end of 2015 to hovering around 185-188 pounds daily but more importantly, can see the shape of my body changing seemingly by the day. I’ll check back in more frequently with updates over the summer.

PSBPCBC100Brandon Clay serves as the publisher of PSBPopCulture.com. A self-professed entertainment, music and sports junkie, Clay has been on his game since picking up his first Nintendo and Sony Walkman in the early 90’s. Adding in a SLAM (Basketball) Magazine subscription in the late-90’s had him setup up for lifelong success. Clay is also a founding member of the “Luxury Boys Club” designed to stay on top of whatever is next in the world of PopCulture. You can follow him on Twitter @psbpopculture.

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